Thorn Expandable HPX Crossbow Broadhead Single Pack

Thorn Expandable HPX Crossbow Broadhead Single Pack


Today's high-performance crossbows demand an expandable broadhead with deadly down-range accuracy.  That’s why Thorn developed the Thorn HPX Expandable Broadhead, rated for Crossbows that shoot up to 500 feet per second. The Thorn HPX Expandable Broadhead features patented “Hidden Blade” technology and a rock-solid machined titanium “Rip-Tip.  At impact, the “Rip-Tip” delivers bone-crushing penetration and deploys the hidden blades creating a one and three quarter inch cut. 

The world's best expandable broadhead for crossbows come in 100gr. and 125gr. weights.

*Thorn Broadheads will NOT fully deploy in Foam Target


  • Handles High Performance Crossbows Up To 500fps

  • 1.75" Cutting Diameter

  • 440 Stainless Steel Blades

  • Titanium Rip Tip

  • 70/75 aircraft aluminum ferrule

  • Proudly Made In The USA


  • 1 Thorn Broadheads

  • 3 Sheer Pins

  • 1 Practice Clip

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