Thorn 125 Grain Expandable Broadhead 3-Pack

Thorn 125 Grain Expandable Broadhead 3-Pack


Introducing the fastest, most accurate expandable broadhead on the planet: the Thorn Broadhead. Thorn Expandable Broadheads uses patented “hidden blade” technology to achieve true field-point accuracy.  At impact, the Rip-Tip delivers bone-crushing penetration and deploys the hidden blades creating a huge 1 3/4" wound channel. Get the Expandable Broadhead that hit the mark every time.  Get Thorn Expandable Broadheads.


  • 3 Thorn Broadheads

  • 6 Sheer Pins

  • 1 Practice Clip

*Thorn Broadheads will NOT fully deploy in Foam Target

*Thorn Broadheads with practice clip installed is recommended for foam targets . Other target material such as bag targets may cause damage to the clip due to the Rip Tip grabbing bag material violently. Orange Sheer pins are used for Compound Bows and Black Sheer Pins are used for Crossbows.

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