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How does it work?


accurate flight

Many broadheads claim to be “field-point” accurate, which just isn’t true. Until now.

Introducing the fastest, most accurate expandable broadhead on the planet: the Thorn Broadhead. Thorn uses patented “hidden blade” technology to achieve true field-point accuracy. Our patented “Hidden Blade Technology” allows our blades to be completely contained inside the body of the broadhead. This gives the Thorn Broadhead the most streamlined design ever. With no blades or activation devises exposed, its simple aerodynamics that makes this broadhead the most accurate on the planet……ever!


devastating deploy

the Patented Rip-Tip delivers bone-crushing penetration and deploys hidden blades creating a huge wound channel.


We designed our patented “RIP-TIP” to deliver bone crushing devastation. The RIP-TIP design also has a very aggressive grab to hair and flesh to create optimal thrust to fully deploy blades upon impact. We also have patented the most reliable blade containment system on the market. Our Sheer Pin design is a molded pin made to contain blades inside the body of the Thorn broadhead. Once deployed, the razor sharp hidden blades create a wound channel you could fit a softball through. The Thorn Expandable Broadhead is the most devastatingly arriving broadhead on the market.


time to practice

Each pack of thorn broadheads comes with a practice clip.

Make your Thorn Broadheads safe to use any Foam Target. The Thorn Archery Practice Clip prevents the Butcher Blades from deploying. Place Practice Clip clips underneath the Rip Tip and it will secure it from deploying. You can use your Thorn Expandable Broadheads for hours of practice without dulling the expandable blades. We also have the Thorn Archery Multi Tool which is designed for the Thorn Broadhead. The Multi Tool will cut your sheer pin, remove debris inside the ferrule of the Thorn Broadhead, remove Practice Clip, and will easily attach to a key chain.


our story


In 2014, we set out to create a broadhead that was truly field point accurate.

Even though basically every broadhead manufacturer claims “field point accuracy” we and many others have learned this claim is just not true. As tournament shooters and avid hunters, we at Thorn Broadheads are always trying for perfect accuracy. Along the way we also learned a lot of flaws with many mechanicals, so we decided not only to make the most accurate broadhead, but also try to make it the most dependable.

Our line of patented broadheads are very unique.

With “Hidden Blade Technology” we have created a head that truly matches field point flight. And with our patented sheer pin, we have the most dependable blade containment on the market. We wanted to be completely confident in the broadhead we shoot, and in return to be confident in what we offer our fellow hunters and customers. We are very pleased with the final results. We have truly invented the worlds’ most accurate and dependable broadhead ever. Be sure to stick a Thorn in somethings side this season! God bless and good hunting.

We are very pleased with the final results.

We have truly invented the world’s most accurate and dependable broadhead ever. We will continue to be a leader in innovating new products for the archery hunter and beyond. Be sure to stick a Thorn in somethings side this season! God bless and good hunting. 


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