Q: Why is my Thorn Broadhead Not Deploying On Foam Target ?
A: Watch video for more information


Q: Do you have replacement blades?
A: No. Thorn Broadheads have a press fitting that stays hidden inside the body that can only be accessed one time. 

Q: Are Thorn Broadheads Barbed?
A: No they are not.

Q: Can I re-sharpen blades? 
A: Yes, our Butcher Blades are constructed of 440 stainless and are designed to be very rugged for multiple shots. Re sharpen as needed.

Q: How many times can I shoot thru an animal? 
A: Thorn broadheads are very rugged heads, as long as you inspect blades and spin test body assuring all is well, Thorn Broadheads are capable of multiple game harvests with one head.

Q: Can I use something else for a sheer pin? 
A: It is NOT recommended. Our sheer pins are molded specifically for strength and fit to give optimal function. Anything else besides molded sheer pins from Thorn Archery will not be approved for use.

Q: what makes broadhead open? 
A: Impact of tip to target forces tip down into body of broadhead where blades are contained with the sheer pin. As tip hits against top of blades, blades travel down the body while force sheers pin into. As blades are opening the blade spurs are exposed and grab to help fully deploy blades and keep blades fully deployed thru out animal. 
***(please note) THORN BROADHEADS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO FULLY DEPLOY IN SOFT FOAM TARGETS. Please refer to disclaimer for further details.